Tuesday, April 22, 2008

USE THE SPACE YOU HAVE : Works in Progress

Often a homeowner's first thought when they are running out of space is to add an addition. This home is a good example of another way to solve the space problem. When we saw the interior, we were able to determine that the small, unused attic provided all the space that this family needed, at less cost than adding an addition. The attic can now serve as a full second floor with two bedrooms, a much needed office and two baths.

To create this new space, we added dormers, sky lights and a new stair. We were able to maintain the original footprint, the house's historic character and, importantly, the proportions of the original house. We think it is a good way to enlarge a house and bring daylight in, while at the same time maintaining its character in the community. This solution also fit with our sense of environmental ethics: using what we have, reducing our impact on the earth and supporting the ideas of the not-so-big housing movement.

BEFORE - exterior side

AFTER - exterior side

BEFORE - exterior rear

AFTER - exterior rear

BEFORE - interior

BEFORE - Interior

AFTER - interior

AFTER - interior

AFTER - interior skylight

AFTER - new bathroom taking shape

AFTER - new stairway underway

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