Sunday, May 4, 2008

Architecture of Invention

This is a video about William Kamkwamba, a teenager in Malawi, Africa. He was forced to drop out of school because he family hadn't the $80 required for tuition. Even though he was unable to further his education, he was determined to be useful.

To be so, he figured out how to build a working windmill from old parts after seeing a picture in a book. His windmill produced the first electricity his village has ever had. It is a great tribute to the human capacity for generosity and ingenuity, not to mention...functional design. As we use wind to reduce our petroleum consumption, others are using it for mere survival. Watch. It is a moving story.

Here is a link to William's blog, now that he is on the internet!

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Anonymous said...

So many of us dwell on what we don't have. Here's a kid who has zero material wealth. His parents can't afford to pay his $80 education. But he says to himself, well, I am rich -- with wind -- which he converts into power.