Monday, August 18, 2008

Germaine Greer Unloads on the Eco-house.

Germaine Greer, noted feminist, takes on architects and the eco-movement in a recent Guardian op-ed. We didn't realize she was an architect critic. Bully for her!

If you are thinking eco-house, the Villa Savoye is a better model than a Devon fisherman's cottage. The new eco-houses should be proud to be different. So far, the difference is in hidden extra cost; if less energy was spent on faking sameness, the costs could be kept down. If you are building a house out of hemp and sheep's wool, it is a pointless extravagance to trick it out in stone.
The article presents an articulate perspective on the "ditsy" nature of an aspect of the eco-house movement, everywhere.

(Image is from an eco-house community in England. Location unknown.)

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