Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stop Recycling! Start Repairing.

Platform21 offers these counterintuitive mandates. CLICK on the Manifesto to get the full effect. Repair!

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paul bowman said...

I love this idea. I'm a DIYer to a degree that drives the rest of my family nuts. (For inst., once occupied the driveway for some days a few years ago, replacing the clutch in the F150 I was driving at the time. I did it, but it was a bit too much for this occasional mechanic, working on his back on the ground.)

Recently tried to repair a coffee maker, to avoid trashing it and buying a new one. The failure was simple — a burned-out thermal fuse. I spent quite a while Googling & calling around the region & the country for a supplier for this cheap little part. Finally got the picture, which was that you can only get this tiny bit of wire & ceramic in large quantities, from distributors who deal with the manufacturers in Asia. I worked out a way to rig it with a different, obtainable thermal fuse w/ same rating, but it would require some experimentation to see if it was safe. And by this time I'd given far more to the salvage effort than the cost of the item warranted. Never got around to finally trying it. Finally, a fed-up family member gave me an Aeropress for Christmas — no electrical parts at all!

Anyhow, it has to be said that trying to be a serious antithrowawayist in this culture is more than a cool challenge, on some level, more than a hobby. You have to accept that you'll often pay more, in time if not in money, than the market value of things you're trying not to replace. And people won't understand. (Maybe especially the professional designers, whose livelihoods depend on your wanting something that looks cool & works in the new & improved way!)