Friday, January 8, 2010

Sliding House



paul bowman said...

When I saw this written up some time ago, I thought the project a bit gimmicky — and the fidgety sped-up film effect here only reinforces the impression for me. But listening to/watching owner & architect talk about it, sitting thoughtfully in that glazed space, does alter my take on the house. Which is nice. — Thanks.

bca said...

One of the first thoughts was, "how interesting." The next was, "how excessive." As the owner noted, this is what one can do when one has excess time, capital and enthusiasm. Hmm. Somehow I believe it does advance the thinking about architectural solutions. Given the environmental (and political?) havoc predicted for our future, this decorative, utilitarian idea may wind-up providing a survivalist solution for safer shelter. This, of course, presupposes a civilized society with an economy, after "the havoc" hits! Until then, "Awesome."