Thursday, March 27, 2008

Improvisation on Color

We are in the final stages of a renovation that includes a new kitchen which you can see under construction in these two photos.

When the green, glass tile arrived for installation on the back splash, our client was not comfortable with the brightness of the color, nor the yellow hue. Looking at the three samples below, our client thought she had chosen the darker second tile, but in a mix-up, she had actually selected the first. Because it would require a minimum of a five-week turnaround to secure the darker color of this tile, time we did not have, we decided to improvise.

Normally a white or off-white grout would serve to frame the tile. Because we were working with glass tile, the white grout would also be seen through the tile and lighten the color. In order to "tune-down" the brightness, and get back to the darker color our client desired, we asked our tile installer to experiment with a gray grout.

The results were very interesting! The color quieted down and darkened perfectly. We think the green with the gray is also a very sophisticated look. Everyone is pleased. We wanted to share this solution with our readers. Below is an image of the mock-up of the tile with gray grout.

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