Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Helpful Hints

Helpful hint #1: Save the planet!
These floors are salvaged oak flooring purchased from Second Chance, Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland. They have been installed and refinished. They look absolutely beautiful. The character and color of these old floors enhances the warmth of the space.

Our client was able to save a substantial sum by buying the recycled flooring. It is noteworthy that the actual installation of the recycled flooring was more expensive than installing new flooring, because of the wood filling and fitting that was required. However, it is fair to say that the when you add up the installation and purchase costs of recycled flooring versus new flooring, the difference is insignificant. The value to the planet of recycling rather than plundering our forests is impossible to quantify, but is part of the worth to be considered. And then, of course, the recycled floors provide an authenticity and beauty that cannot be achieved with newly manufactured wood.

Oh, yes. Remember, when going for a satin finish, the first coat should be glossy. The glossy finish provides a harder coating to protect the floors. The satin finish goes on top of the glossy.

Helpful hint #2: Save money with thoughtful design!
This tiny bathroom is only 5 feet wide. We used lots of windows, including our favorite ‘porthole in the shower’ and an affordable, beautiful finish palette. The field tile is an inexpensive 3x6 ceramic from Daltile. We added a splash of luxury with a band of Oceanside’s glass tile. We also saved money by switching to plywood beadboard wainscot in the sink area, but continued the glass tile to tie everything together.

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