Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ornithological Design?

We are told that generations ago the skies were filled with birds, the ocean bays filled with oysters and pods of Sperm Whales, that flocks of water fowl covered the shore lines. It IS hard to imagine what the world use to be like...and what we have lost. Each generation must feel that its time is the norm and that "now" is the way it has always been. We thought this video (we are terribly sorry about the advertising) taken in England is an amazing and rather sublime example of bird behavior and a helpful reflection on our endangered world.

We've read that scientists have studied this phenomena to try to discern how such flight is accomplished. Their conclusion is that when birds fly like this they become "of one mind," as if they were "one." It's a little bit like "the wave" at a sports stadium, and a lot like a school of fish. This idea also reflects thinking concerning community wholeness, the whole community acting as one, in, say, natural disasters. It seems the capacity to act as one has been available to species, but is now dormant, for most.

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