Thursday, July 31, 2008

Your Personal Modern Architecture Guide

One of the newest innovations in modern architectural guides for those on the move is MIMOA. It is a free online service that quickly provides linkage to the interesting modern architectural sites near almost any place you may be visiting in the world. You plug in a city name, or area, or coordinates. MIMOA then displays modern architecture on a map with the address and all additional information you need to actually find and visit interiors, parks, public places, buildings and bridges.

Further, you can join the fun by photographing less known modern architectural sites you think others might appreciate and add them to MIMOA. This personal chronicling provides wonderful additions to the traditional structures featured in guide books. Now there is a resource that can guide you to the gems that only locals may know about.

MIMOA is intended for anyone interested in modern architecture, design, culture, photography, cities, travelling, visiting buildings, knowing how to get there, whether the project is public and what the opening hours are. For the modern architecture devotee, this is a wonderful niche travel resource.

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