Friday, January 23, 2009

The Green Move: Save time. Money. Earth.

Spencer Brown, Founder of Rent-a-Green Box

Remember your last move and the dozens and dozens of paper boxes? Remember throwing them all out? Remember all that paper packing material you disposed of? No more!

As swiftly as they can open franchises, is providing ecologically correct moving supplies to the nation. They send a truck to your home with whatever number of boxes you need (they’ll help you estimate). The boxes are made from recycled plastic containers, and come in various sizes—smaller ones for heavy objects like books, larger ones for more lightweight things like clothes or bedding. The service comes with recycled packing materials, too, so you don’t have to use ├╝ber-wasteful, petroleum-based stuff like bubble wrap or Styrofoam packing peanuts. It is a zero-waste, pack and move solution, developed entirely from recycled trash, mined from local landfill.

"Why are we cutting down our trees to make a cardboard box that’s used once,
maybe twice,
to just throw it away in a landfill?"

These green movers drive 100% veggie bio-diesel trucks and provide those clever packing materials called "expandos" and "recocubes." We have to admit the whole thing is a designers delight. Everything stacks neatly and the colors are very appealing. Their website design, alone, is worth a visit.

By all estimates, the green move is cheaper than the wasteful paper box move. We just need a local franchise. Someone, get on this.


Laura said...

The question is: would it cost more? Ditto for the article above about greening the ghetto. We need to find a way to make these transitions without breaking the bank.


A green move is actually cheaper than a paper box move, say the guys at Rent-a-Green Box. As to the cost of including poor people in training programs, it is not a problem of cost. The problem is that someone needs to speak for, and to, poor people to assure they are included. Otherwise, it all passes them by. That is Jones' issue.