Thursday, October 29, 2009

No Goat Jokes.


An old idea receives new attention. Individuals and organizations are choosing a new green option, using goats to clear farms, parks, roadways, ranches. No harmful chemicals are employed. No heavy machinery is needed. The goat's cloven-hoofs, that allow them to meander slops and cliffs, cause no harm to the earth. Also, goats are quiet.

This "innovation" has become rather popular. It was used recently, even, in Druid Hill Park---three days, one-quarter acre. Eco Goats in Donaldson, MD, provided the herd. What volunteers couldn't do, goats did. Additionally, goats will completely clear an area of invasive plants.

Rent-a-Ruminator in Seattle provides more information on the beauty of goats and a slew of before and after pictures.

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paul bowman said...

Jan, my friend & I met the goat guy, Brian Knox, at Green Drinks Annap. last night. This lean, gray-haired fellow comes in, in his truck, right behind us and parks next to us. It wasn't a big crowd, and the truck had got my eye, so I found him before we left and asked about his company, Sustainable Resource Management. When he mentioned goats, I had to laugh — I'd seen that Druid Hill article in the Sun and passed it along on Facebook, myself. Never expected to meet the person behind it. Very nice fellow.