Friday, June 13, 2008

Building Buildings

Build Buildings is Ben Tweel, musician, scientist, philologist. Ben was born in Columbus, OH and now lives in New York City. As Build Buildings, Ben makes music with computers, instruments, household noises and records. We appreciate Ben's use of building sounds in his compositions. We have posted before about the "sounds" of architecture. Ben incorporates them and we like his good sense. His album, available on his website, could be a must have for design-sensitives.

Ben Tweel has created a cycle of songs without vocals that may well be worthy of your attention. Using rhythms painstakingly assembled from household sounds, customised drum patches and random intrusions, he creates music to accompany the slow accumulation of dust in corners, the passage of clouds across windows and the gentle exertions of the coffeemaker working away in the kitchen. The way Tweel's music accepts the proliferation of such tiny moments without complaint or comment should make it recommended listening... - Wire Magazine

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