Thursday, June 26, 2008

Recycling Meets Design

This cube of 3.5 meters was produced by means of the mechanical union of 166 recycled stainless steel sink basins. The idea was to create a space on the beach in direct contact with the sun that acts as a solar filter, projecting rays through the orifices of the sinks into the interior of the cube, creating light that changes direction depending on the moment of the day. It was created by Spanish artist collective trashformaciones .

The mission of trashformaciones is the creation of artistic actions and installations from recycled objects. Seeing their work, we would say mission accomplished, again and again. A visit to their site reveals what they can do with a bath tub, in a city park, too.

The International Creative Recycling Festival, sponsored by Barcelona's Center for Contemporary Culture (CCCB), was the landing spot for the sink installation. The 2008 Festival will be held 16 December - 21 December. Be there or be trashed.

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