Friday, June 6, 2008

Preserving the Modern

We tend not to want to shill for commercial products, but this new offering from Moleskine seems too compelling. The Glass House sketch book features 29 sketches by various architects, designers and artists inspired by the Philip Johnson Glass House site. It includes relevant quotes by Philip Johnson and many blank pages for your notes and sketches.

The legendary Moleskine was effectively abandoned in 1986 by its last manufacturer. But, in 1998 a small Milanese (thank you, again, Italy!) publisher brought these books back for writers, designers, travelers and, as the brand declares, "all free-thinkers around the globe."

We can't live without ours. Not sure if we will like one that is interspersed with graphics, but maybe further inspiration will flow from the offerings. Philip Johnson, wherever you are, we raise our glass, so to speak. Cheers!

BTW: ALL the tickets for 2008 tours of The Glass House...are sold out.

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