Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Mighty Mower

It isn't our wish to promote products on this blog...however, our leader, Rob Brennan, bought one of these babies above. His purchase was inspired by a torn rotator cuff (see Illustration A below) in his shoulder. One more summer of pulling the gasoline engine cord to start the lawn mower was not going to happen. The solution to preventing bodily and environmental harm caused by the gasoline engine was the Neuton Power Mower. You can find it here.

Illustration A

There is a rumor that Rob Brennan has mowed his lawn every night this week with his new Neuton. Neuton is the only battery powered mower in America. So if you have to mow, and you:
1. want to save energy;
2. don't want to contribute to the pollution of the gasoline engine;
3. don't want to chance cutting an electrical cord with an electric plug-in mower;
4. and, you value peace and quiet, this is your weapon.
Rob's generous yard was mowed with battery power to spare. The hardest part about using the Neuton is stopping frequently to answer the questions of your curious neighbors. It is a great little, environmentally smart product. To start the engine you simply squeeze the handlebar and it starts humming. And, yes, Rob's shoulder is much better.

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